---A Serious Quick Throw_Sleipnir---

Just as the title states. I filmed the first video not intending for it to be uploaded but it came out ok and here we are.

The second video is just some of my new stuff. Trying to get better and whatnot.

Love to hear from you guys, all comments are welcome and sub if you like the videos, thanks for looking.

You are too good!

Thanks man. You have some great videos as well with some great tech, maby make another soon?

what editing software you use, awesome stuff btw, we met briefly at Triple Crown :slight_smile:

Sony Vegas Pro 9, not free like you want (saw your other reply on a diffrent topic, hehe). I met a lot of people there so I may not remember you, hehe. Glad you like the tricks.

Bump for the vid.

Those were sick.


Oh wow, those were really really really freakin awesome, I love your style. you should be sponsored if you aren’t already.

An may I add OMG KOAN SOUND FTW :smiley:

Thanks, I really enjoy the complements from you all, makes me feel like I am getting better.

@firespitter, I just recently hear some of his music and it is pretty good. Also sponsorship would be nice but just have to wait and see if anything comes up.

That was PRO dude. MAKE MORE!!!

Holy crap.