A-RT Sparrow response

Love the yoyo but always wish the response was a bit tighter. Anyone else experience the same? If so, any tweaks to recommend?

Running it with a concave, red gasket, and normal thickness poly.


i’ve never had any qualms with the response, but i’m
curious if anyone else has

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For me it could be a case of the Sparrow response not being bad, but more that the Grail (and Quail, but that’s another story) response is just so good that it has me wanting more here.

Also, I could be overly sensitive to thunk.

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i just glanced at this at first, and thought i saw ‘wishing the ‘quail’ response was tighter… thinking… any tighter it’ll snap your wrist off


Haha yeah no way. The response needed to break in a bit before the Quail and I reached a good understanding. Any tighter and it’s responsive.

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No issues with mine, can always use a fat string, re- silicon it, or both.


Lube your bearing


…many moons later…

Finally re-siliconed the Sparrow and the binds and unrolls are tight like I like them. I think the issue was that the silicone was a done a bit concave before. This time the silicone was made flush with the yoyo.

Also, re-siliconed my Fragment at the same time for the opposite effect — too snaggy before with pads, now perfect with flush silicone.