A-rt garret thoughts

If anyone has gotten theirs in please feel free to share your thoughts on it, such as unboxing experience, smoothness, how it plays, etc.
Thanks in advance!!

Managed to snag one in the 2nd release. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Anyone have a Garret they can tell me about.?

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Got a black one yesterday super excited as well!

I’ll repost what I said in a Facebook thread:

I got mine today, it’s a fantastic throw. Looking at the pictures I was concerned that it would feel slow and heavy, but that isn’t the case at all. Despite the chunky profile it’s really quite fast and nimble. It’s got a very unique feel to it, I don’t necessarily know what to compare it to. Sure, it’s not the cheapest throw out there but wether you’re a fan of a-rt already or trying one for the first time I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Here’s a picture courtesy of Google Translate


Anyone know if it 6061 or 70xx aluminum?

pretty sure its 6061 don’t quote me though lol

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Been eyeing this for awhile. There’s another drop today. Thinking of picking one up (if possible!). Anyone with one got any feedback on it? Enjoying it?

Edit: managed to pick one up. Will be my first A-rt throw so super stoked for it to arrive. I’m in the UK so gonna be awhile!


I just received mine In the mail yesterday. Upon first throw I was surprised just how fast and light this thing is. Another awesome design from the boys up north.


It does not surprise me… that a-rt sells their “garret” for an enormous amount of money…$127.00+shipping…while SF…zip line string…&other company’s put out the same product at a reasonable price around…$50-60.00?
I just don’t understand? It’s extremely different from the philosophy they present!

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The main reason is that they are machined by one drop this means that both company’s have to make a profit, also Jensen always includes hand drawn art and other things like that SF and others don’t have as much personal touch, it’s definitely higher up there but I think it’s pretty reasonable seeing as this is Jensen and Charles jobs.


Yeah I agree with @yoyoben I would much rather pay the extra money to support a small company (often just a single person) who’s putting out designs I like with a philosophy I agree with. Sure they could get a similar product made from a machine shop in China or something. But that’s not the point. I see it as supporting the yo-yo making community not just going with those undercutting the competition to sell large quantities (not to say companies like SF or zipline are doing that but some other definitely are)


You know I had a hard time pulling the trigger on this one, pricing was a part of that reason. To spoil the story I did buy one, but I can understand hesitation. Please don’t take this a a defense of a-rt but it is how I justified my purchase. Smaller runs always have a higher cost per product ratio. The product is machined by od, also an increase in price. Demand, you will be hard pressed to find an a-rt model that doesn’t sell out quickly and the all seem to maintain the value incredibly well if I decide it isn’t for me. A-rt is trendy in this niche market of yoyo, so hype behind a brand also plays a factor. I avoided hype for a long time, which is why I am now scrambling to back log so many clyws and ultimately I decided I don’t want to do that again, so I picked up one on the latest drop. If you are happy with your SF throws and can’t justify the price I don’t blame you! I love all of my SF products as well and most all play way over price point. I guess in closing, I am happy I purchased one. I hope I like it, but I also know that if I don’t shouldn’t be too hard to recoup. So its a low risk purchase for me for a premium priced product.


Received my garret today and love it. It’s smaller in size and the weight at 63 grams is great. Really a good throw for chopstick stuff. And, I’m not going to complain about price. It’s a free country–don’t like the price don’t buy it. I got one on the second run and they were gone in about 15 minutes. So, I think their philosophy is just fine.


When I compared the diameter to my banshee and recog it looked normal but it did feel super easy to hit chopsticks, I really like the fast feel, and it was cool how Jensen included hand drawn art.


After throwing the garret a while, I’m finding I like it more and more. I just find myself reaching for it frequently. Maybe it’s just the newness but it feels comfortable to me.