A recent trick I came up with...


Now I just need to come up with a name for it.  Any suggestions?


sweet trick. how about beat around the bush?


Maybe Hubenero Poppers… Awesome trick. :wink:


Habanero* poppers?

My vote is “Beating Around The Bush”.

Awesome trick by the way. :wink:


No …hubenero kinda like his name :wink: hahaha, just adding the"en" in the middle. All good tho.


Beat around the bush sounds good.


I concur with “Beat Around the Bush”.


Booo :wink: lol



I like spiders so, how about Tangleweb?


I like beat around the bush


Nice trick man! The first name that came to my mind was Buffer, simply because the video was talking so long to load. ;D But Beat Around the Bush is a good name. I like the ring to it.


id like tossing baby out with the bathwater!

great drunken throw as well!