A question for judges

Would a complete horizontal prelim with a little under 15 seconds per combo at a medium sized state make it past prelims easily? (Asking because this is what I’m doing :))

I can’t really vouch with any competition experience but from reading the rules you want to make sure that you don’t run in to the same elements too much. And since horizontal tends to fall towards a lot of lindyloops, double-ons, and underpasses etc. you might get less clicks. However not having seen your routine it’d be hard to say. I wouldn’t limit to all horizontal personally if I were you. I’ve seen your videos and I bet the judges would like some of those tricks for sure! (trick dump comes to mind)

Anyways I’m sure you will do great you are very skilled and best of luck!

It depends on the trick really, maybe post a video and I’ll click for you to compare with others?

It’s hard to tell without actually seeing a video of your prelim.

Personally (just my opinion), I wouldn’t do an entirely horizontal prelim. Its hard to fit that many unique string hits into horizontal play, so you’re at risk of getting scored less for repeating elements. Perhaps a tech-y combo first followed by a horizontal one would be more judge-friendly…?

Leads to a low variation score and bores the judges to click less. I wouldn’t do it.


Just to clear up one point, it would be different angles of horizontal (frontstyle, breakaway, under the legs, etc.), and the tricks would be differentish. But I see what you guys are saying.

Objectively there are definitely enough different types of tricks for you to not lose points specifically in variation, at least when compared to a typical prelims tech/string-hits routine. Even the simplest classification gives braintwister/splitbottom/gerbils, inverted braintwister/splitbottom/gerbils, eli hops/black hops, behind the back right/left, around the waist/leg, halos, whips and lacerations, regens, and also over the arm variations of most of those above.
It may be a different story whether these tricks themselves inherently score well, but just looking at variation I doubt an average asian speed player has more variation than that in a generic prelims fs.

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Anybody else? I’ll probably end up throwing in 1 or 2 horizontal (EDIT: meant to say vertical) tricks. The reason i brought this up is that I wanted to do it just for fun, but I was wondering if it was safe.

Mickey split atom boingy
some brain twister
black hops/circular hops
Chia left to right behind the back transfer
under the leg eli hops
Iori fingerspin start
over arm eli hops
more braintwister
inverse gerbil
Chia UFO orbit regen
Ahmad around the waist
Ogi crossarm halo
halo suicide
behind the back halo
behind the back regen to front regen
Takeshi DoN bind

pat on the back to whoever can do that without messing up xD
Maybe you can do that takeshi move right before he did the bind(the arm combo to horizontal whip)

If you don’t have dead air and you don’t miss you should make finals.