Fast horizontal tricks?

What are some cool, fast horizontal tricks? I can only find basic horizontal tricks, anything a little more advanced and fast?

Try this one

Yea, already learned that one  :slight_smile:

I’m looking for something a little more advanced and faster with like a lot of string touches, like a generic asian/eastern horizontal combo  haha  :smiley:



Nothing… Really? Nobody? Anyone…

Patience is a virtue. 3 back to back posts are not necessary.

If you cant find anything id download and slow down some combos that you enjoy from youtube, etc :slight_smile:

Do you know fast normal sidestyle combos? If not, learn some. Then, perform them sideways. That’s my method for horizontal :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t tried skin the gerbil yet, you can do that one as fast as you want horizontally.

If you can do horizontal Skin the Gerbil (which I am pretty sure I have heard you say before), try horizontal Skin the Hamster. If you can already do that, I got nothing fast for you…but on the slower side there is Red Halo.