a question about differtent ABEC bearings.

what is the difference between an ABEC1 bearing,ABEC3,ABEC5,and ABEC7 bearings?

at a shop they have abec7 bearings for 25$ dollars while the abec1 is like 6$.why is this.which is better for yoyos to increase spin time and needs to be lubed less often.

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ABEC is the closeness to a precise size/shape the inner and outer rings of the bearing are.

Yo-yos spin at RPMs < 15,000, so the lowest grade (ABEC 1) is sufficient.

Higher ABEC doesn’t necessarily mean a better bearing for your yo-yo.

A high grade bearing would be used in something like a dental drill.

Don’t base your decision on a bearing on ABEC itself…  for the reasons I quoted from DynaRoll, there are many other important factors that ABEC has nothing to do with.

High grade bearings are rated to be able to handle higher RPMs and run smoother at higher speeds.

Higher ABEC itself won’t make your bearing spin faster.
Lighter (low viscosity)/less lubrication will.

If you want to know more, this is a great resource:

Many sources (some dude’s website, skate website, random eBay article, forum posts) are laden with false information so…yeah.

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