What are the abec rating of a general yo aigr bearing and a one drop 10 ball bearing vs a stock yyf or yyj bearings?

abec ratings mean absolutely nothing for yoyo’s. I mean nothing.

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I would like to know anyway because I say some 10 ball bearings with a abec 5 on ebay for cheaper than one drop ten ball bearings.

To elaborate, it means nothing because a spinning yoyo doesn’t cause enough pressure on the bearing for it to matter.

So an abec 3 would be the same as an abec 5 for a yoyo?


Yes - it doesn’t matter for yoyos, or most other things for that matter.

Just to be clear that generic 10 ball bearing would probably be just as good as a one drop 10 ball bearing?

Yes, parts is parts.

Abec doesn’t equal spin.
Abec is how close too the size inside outside diamiter and width, of the bearing. Is to the size it is marked as…
Basicly you know how some bearings fit super tight in a yoyo, but if you switch to another bearing in the same yoyo, it could fit more tight or less? Thats the effect of abec ratings.

Abec is the tolerance between the inner cage to the balls to the outer cage. Has nothing to do with the fit.

Think whatever you want but ABEC rating mean a bit to me.
I test every Terrapin X bearing that goes out.
The higher the rating the less I throw away.

Basically it’s just what I said.

Me TOO  :wink:

LOL. The Admin in Icthus’s siggy is Icthus, the Mod is jhb, the user is Dynikus lol. And with yoyos, ABEC means absolutely nothing. It’s just a better way to sell bearings to yoyoers.

The only difference i could see with bearings for something so light would be Ceramic vs Steel. On a microscopic level, steel is impossible to to polish into a perfectly smooth surface, there will always be imperfections on the surface, ceramic is composed of smaller molecules which allows the manufacturer to create a smoother surface.

And yet there isn’t any benefit to using ceramic bearings at all in yoyo’s.

actually, if you live in a place with really high humidity, steel bearings apparently rust really fast. I was talking to this guy who lives by the beach, and he said that he constantly throws out steel bearings because they rust out, whereas his ceramics are fine.
Performance wise though, they’re the same.

ABEC Ratings?
It’s all about consistency…