What does ABEC mean? also what's the difference between YYJ speed and spec?

I was looking at bearings and was saying something about ABEC, what does that mean?
and what’s the difference between YYF speed and spec bearings?

i think abec is the grade i think like abec 7 is good and abec 1 is bad

yyj makes the speed bearing and yyf makes the spec imo i like the speed bearing between the two but overall i like 10 balls or ckks the best( i despise ct bearings)

Abec is a rating that has absolutely nothing to do with yoyo’s.

I don’t want to type it so just read here.

Isn’t it just a rating of how smooth and long spinning a bearing is? Abec7’s are nice, smooth, and long spinning, as Abec 1’s arent?


Read those links (and link from those links).

ABEC 1 can handle 38,000 RPMs.

Which you won’t get anywhere near with a yoyo.

To paraphrase the link icthus gave, the ABEC rating has to do with tolerances. How close to spec the inside and outside diameter are. That really isn’t important with yo-yos. The rotating accuracy of bearings is extremely important in a precision tool such as a lathe but doesn’t matter on a yo-yo.

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That ABEC rating makes me feel dizzy.

you forgot to say that YYJ speed bearing is stainless steel…it is a good thing:P

ABEC= Annular Bearing Engineering Corporation or something similar.


So is the Yoyofactory SPEC bearing. :slight_smile:

i didn’t know that…thanks for information :wink: