A Offstring video with Hinorii Mii


here is a Offstring video with Hinorii Mii in it.
taken by my friend Wctpro or wyatt on here.
since he did not post it here yet I will show it since it is cool.


Man hes good, it looked like he was going to drop the yo half of the time lol.

(JonasK) #3

Offstring looks very hard. Just the fact that you can drop the yoyo all the time makes it a lot more impressive. And I really like that this is one of those laid back videos. It’s just taped in public (note semi-fat lady in background).


4A isnt that hard… You just need a brain that can think… about STUFF.


(Jei Cheetah) #5

Hironori is a true legend in yoyoing.

A real innovator of tricks.

Even though his tricks arent the most technical and hard of all, the way he does them is magic.

So smooth and effortless, it makes you blink and go: wow! did I just see that happen?

He really knows the string and knows how to land the tricks, every time.

A real 4A legend.


(DrSqueakers) #6

how come i havent seen this guy in a contest?


he is a National YoYo Master and he Judges contests.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

here are some.

And this one!
that one is from Worlds 1999

And he has competed in AP since worlds 03.

(XX[>Sonic<]XX) #9

is so funny