A new Name for the Arm Grind

Next time someone tells you to walk the dog, do something better. Do an arm grind and say

“I call that Walk the Parrot.”

Gets them thinking WTF!?

Lol thats what I did to my friend and he was like “thats easy…” so I let him use my legacy (unresponsive :P) and when he tried he hit himself inthe head ::slight_smile:

Haha I don’t seem to mind when people ask me to walk the dog. I rarely listen to people though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I hate when I do some really hard 5A stuff and then people are more impressed by Split the Atom. Oh well. :smiley:

one girl in my class says she can do an arm grind. and its so easy. she cant eve get a misquito to respond :o

Haha I’ve seen it’s true. That crazy Atom Smasher under the leg whip thing is crazy though. I just do Atom Smasher and keep the counterweight spinning so it catches on the yoyo and flips it and stuff.