A little sports, well cricket anyway...

This is for all you real sports fans out there…

Will England hang on and avoid being supposedly humiliated by losing a test series for the first time since 1999?

Stuart Broad (edit: And Matty Prior’s glue) FTW!

If I get one series vote I’ll be a very happy yoyoer!

Aahhh who voted?!? If you’re serious then post in this thread! Fantastic - another proper sports fan :wink:

Being an Australian, I’m patriotically obliged to hate the English cricket team =P That said, I’m also obliged to cheer against the Kiwis in everything. head hurts


For me this sort of thing changes depending on the sport. I would have thought in this case you would be slightly more anti English than kiwi but who knows…

You have to love when another team (ie. an old colony) beats the motherland on home soil… I know I do!

I haven’t followed this series as we’ve been playing Pakistan. Watched an ODI at the Wanderers. Some kid a few rows across from me caught one of Afridi’s 6s.