A "follow" button and tab

I think that there should be a option to follow a thread so that you don’t have to check your E-mail for updates on threads you have not posted to… Unless there is already a way to do this and I decided to overlook it. o_O

I think you may have.

I believe if you write a reply to a post (but don’t submit it), then click Additional Options, it will give you an option to “Notify me of replies”. Check that box, then submit your post, and you should be good.

Thanks, I’ll try that. :slight_smile:


“Show new replies to your posts”

That only does what it says shows new replies to content you have posted in. NOT replies to topics you have not posted in and ask for notifications… Which show up in your E-mail.

Example: you see that OneDrop has an “official news” thread and you want to keep up with the news/info that they post but you don’t want to post anything (similar to b/s/t where you don’t want to bump somthing cuz it’s rude or whatever) the only way I have found to view these is through E-mail alerts… Am I doing somthing wrong??

Absolutely not