A Day in Oregon



Comments and criticism plox

(M²) #2

nice, not very long, but very smooth video.


GREAT VID… love ure boingy boing style!!


nice but dont u hate it when you get nots an stuff well very good keep yoyoing ;D


One thing I completely hated about this video… was that it was too short to show off your awesome skills and great scenery.

Seriously though, I really really really enjoyed this video.


Thanks guys.

And Samad, I’ll try and make a longer video next time. It would’ve been longer If my other 1a and 4a footage didn’t get erased. :frowning:

I’ll probably make like a part two or something of this video next time I’m in oregon

(DOGS) #7

It all just…flows, the scenery, music, tricks, everything.