A couple of WERRDS

I am selling off these two fine examples off australian yoyo manufacturing I have a Two Fat Ladies and a XXXXL on offer. I can sell seperatly or combined its up to you. Looking at $80 USD each posted and I have a spacer set for one of them for whoever wants it with their purchase but first in best dressed.
The XXXXL is the DeLorean Edition and the TFL is the naked edition.




The XXXXL now has black hats, as the red ones lost the abilitiy to stay on their stacks.

The Two Fat Naked Ladies

any offers???

up once again.
First person to buy one of these yoyo’s gets my yye trading cards.

Hmm , i would love to buy that 4xl but 80 is to high

sir you have been PM’ed

spacer set sold on and the cards are also gone.