A change is not coming to High Speed YoYo after all.


I fixed it, everything is back to normal. If you didn’t see the original post don’t worry. HSYY isn’t going anywhere.


Sorry to hear that Chris, I’m not a big fan of Facebook but I’ll force myself to go there to read your reviews :slight_smile:


That’s a bummer. Will the videos still be available somewhere?


Don’t do it.


The stats might be misleading. You need to compare “time on page” stats. The FB traffic might not be real readers, or maybe the readers on the site passed through the FB link first.

Also, when someone types “Forte review” (or whatever) into Google, Google has indexed your site but they haven’t likely indexed your FB reviews. At least not for it to be the first search hit.

20 people may not seem like a lot compared to the number of reads when a review first hits, but it’s actually a lot of people who might end up at the site review who are actually legitimately interested in a particular review, and not just people who happen to read every review you put out. :wink: I might read your format:C review on Facebook when you publish it, but then forget the information. Then later when I’m considering a format:C, I search “format:C review”. Until the page went down, that search would lead me to your site, not to FB. In the future, I doubt you’ll get any traffic from those hits if you aggregate your content to FB.

Also, what about the videos? I’ve pointed lots of people to that list. Sure, they’re on YouTube, but not categorized neatly.

In short: don’t let a few potentially misleading stats make you throw your baby out with the bath water.


Can you create a YouTube account and post a link to PDF files, your posts here and Facebook pages on the video description segment? Bummer it shut down. Might not get much traffic tho.


This is unfortunate, I will however drag myself over to facebook if it comes to that.

My friend and I frequent your site for both reviews and tutorials. I’d hate to see it go away. :frowning:


This is just one option. At the moment I am dealing with this and my daughter who just had her thyroid removed yesterday. Obviously the site issue is going to take a slight back seat while I deal with family issues first.


While I wish your daughter a speedy and complete recovery, I also hope that the site stays the way it is.


It is fixed. The site is staying where it is at.


“And there was much rejoicing” !!

(DOGS) #12

Didn’t get to see the original post, but you might also consider people using RSS readers and how that affects traffic visibility to the site proper. I read most articles, blog posts, and reviews in an RSS reader so I never actually go to sites like that much.


Yay! Chris, I hope everything with your daughter goes well and I’m glad you reconsidered. Your site is a very valuable resource.


Hooray! Your reviews are pretty much the only ones I read, I consist them regularly before making a new purchase, so since I don’t have facebook I’m glad to hear HSYY is still sticking around. :smiley:

Hope all goes well with your daughter and that she has a speedy recovery. Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into these reviews for us. :slight_smile:


Just a small follow up on a different part of the discussion.

Thank you all who wished a healthy recovery of my daughter. It did not go unnoticed and means quite a bit.

She did well during surgery and was in and out of the O.R. in about an hour. It was initially supposed to be an out patient affair but she had some issue with her calcium levels and admitted her overnight. She came home Friday. She is doing better but is still feeling a little puny at the moment so I am taking this week off from reviews to take care of her. YoYofficer Musket review should be up next week.

Again, thanks for the well wishes.



I wish you all the best Chris and may the seas be favorable and winds warm!