A Change in the Wind

A couple of videos I shot the other day. I’m about 2 years into this yoyo thing, and only a week into 4A. The videos are named after winds, hence the thread title.

Sirocco (1A)

Oroshi (4A)

Bora (5A)

Chief, Busine$$, and Fiesta XX.

Criticisms/comments appreciated.

Nice vids! You’re picking up the 4a quickly. I have the yellow xx too. Check out Ben Conde’s tutorials on youtube if you haven’t already seen them!

Crud man, you got SKEELS

Thanks, man, means a lot to me! :smiley:

My XX is now spray paint white with custom duct tape rims, lol. And those Conde tutorials are AWESOME!

Really great stuff for just starting out on 4a. I highly enjoyed the camera composition at the end. If you could get that good after only a week, I’d love to see you in a month.