A Beginner's Guide to Yoyo

Are there other string/yoyo combinations to avoid?

Any others that I’m missing aside from those two?
This isn’t a complete guide by any means, rather a living document I hope to update over time.

I’ll figure a spot to work it in when I get some time later tonight.

Ahh okay, I actually did not know that’s how pins worked on here. Thanks @jhb8426!


Remember to always do a safety throw after a questionable bind. That’s all I got.

  • Brain type yoyos like the Yomega Brain and the Duncan Reflex.
  • Plastic sleeve yoyos (or transaxle, as Yomega likes to call them) like the Yomega Fireball or the YYF Spinstar.
  • Maybe a little paragraph about response systems? It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, just mentioning “Silicone pads, Starburst, axle friction in wood fixies, etc” as this topic is so varied in widely-commercial available yoyos that i think is worth mentioning.
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Okay I’m gonna get my computer hooked back up tonight. I’ll get the new stuff added in and gonna organize it all a little better. I’ve done this all from my phone so far and it’s getting pretty long now lol. Though to start that was on purpose because I figured your average viewer will look at it on their phones.


Are you trying to make a comprehensive guide? Or just the basics?
I’m afraid if too much is added it’s just going to intimidate/bore those who it’s intended for.
I like the idea of keeping it pretty simple without bogging it down with too many things that someone truly just starting out don’t need to know about right away.

Just my thoughts.

Also, I really like the idea of having this or something similar printed out and shipped with starter sets. It’s something as a new player I would’ve really have enjoyed!


I’m trying to find a good middle ground where I hopefully answer MOST of the questions a new player may have, without it getting so long that people don’t bother with it. It’s also not really meant to be a step-by-step guide to someone’s first yoyo - more geared towards the person who has maybe been throwing a few weeks, and is starting to research into some of the main differences in things they see talked about by everyone else.
So, I guess the short answer would be I’m trying to make it comprehensively simple? Or maybe simply comprehensive?


That makes sense :slight_smile: I like this.

This sounds like an awesome idea. It gets my creative gears spinning in my head.

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Nice work! Only suggestion is to include mention of plastic/metal hybrids since you break down bimetal. For whatever reason, I feel like I see some newer players gravitate towards the Iceberg as they start collecting/upgrading so that might be useful info.

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Added tonight:

  • redid the shapes section a little bit so it’s not a screen cap anymore
  • added some info about different response systems
  • table of contents
  • “hybrids” added to yoyo types
  • multi tool/pliers/ bearing replacement added to FAQ
  • safety throw note added

Big kudos to you for doing this btw! This has been well thought out and a lot of work for you!


Man doing all of that on your phone is impressive!!! That’s a long post for a phone! Great job.


That sounds really good. But whats pinned how do i do it, and what does it do ?

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At the bottom of the post you can “pin” it, which puts it at the top of its category in your view, but only until you view it again. If you want to be able to easily come back to it you can also save bookmarks on the forum

I think i’ve got it.
So if i press the pinned box at the bottom of the thread, then when i log in again and go to forums its at the top of the list ? I think i’m missing something here. I’ll press pinned and see what happens.

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It will just be at the top of the “General Yoyo” category, and only until you look at it, and then it unpins. The pins actually doesn’t seem overly useful for a topic you want to revisit. Bookmarking would be your best bet.

Just tried it, and got it.
Not sure if its actually a good idea as i’ll forget to pin it, hence its sort of a redundent feature. Or am i just missing something, i usually do :grinning:
The bookmark is definitely top. I’ll be using that in future unless i forget of cause.


This is great! Nice work.


Just re-read. This is really a good guide. Once again well done.