92 Degrees


We were bored. It was hot. My two year point and Justin’s 1.5 year point.


i was waiting for you to put it up i saw on your youtube acount haha nice vid


Nice vid as always Samad.

You really are a fan of The Stroke aren’t you? This is probably my favourite song by them.

Keep up the good work man, you’re awesome.

(Thomas) #4

Dang 92 degrees in SoCal it’s 55 over here in Toyko, Japan.

(202andrew) #5

so smooth. Samad, you are crazy awesome!

(Chase Baxter) #6

Seriously, if it wasn’t for Samad and Andre, I would be done yoyoing, but they encourage me to keep going everytime!


no the best, but awful good!!


That was awesome. Well, it is a vid including Samad, so how can it not be awesome? :wink:


good point


why do you guys have to be so good!!!
samad you are crazy at yoyoing!


what ever dude its like 110 here in arizona i yoyo indoors haha just kiddin i walk over to my friends house and chill there but by the way good video suck it up man :stuck_out_tongue:


well it is hot here too where i live

(Yo!It'sMatt) #13

Doode its like 9001 Degrees in Riverside. Samad And I have to suffer. luul. Theres not even any rivers.


Awsome video