9 Throws. 2 NYYR. FS only. Will sell cheap! Need money ASAP!

Hey Guys! ;D

still trying to get some money for my car.
FS only unless you want to go crazy and offer big time in my favor.
$5 for shipping. Priority Mail Box. Insurance is optional but will cost extra.
Text me for fast response @ 931-698-2788. Or PM me.

here they are:

first row:

CLYW Arctic Circle- its got a few marks, hard to see because of the colorway. smooth! (gone)
CLYW Canvas- Lost in the Arctic edition. Near mint, one small mark. smooth. (gone)
Foxland Precision Foxtail- near mint in case I missed something. fun throw, underrated. ($30)
TMBR Baldwin- $50 one. Different wood’s laid in the sides. ($30)?
Duncan Butterfly- Wooden, from the 60’s or 70’s. Great condition. Was thought to be a reproduction because of how good the condition is. (Offer!)
YYF Starlight- got it from Jensen, its a starlight. ($15 or $12 with something else)
YYJ Sunset Trajectory (2)- pair of sunsets. not sure how much they were. (gone)
Modded FHZ- recess, metal caps. ($20)?
Stock FHZ- its got 80th anniversary caps :stuck_out_tongue: ($20)
Stock FHZ- thrown once, just out of the package. ($20)
YYJ Classic- its classic. ($5 with anything else)
2004 Nats FHZ- Mint. ($25)

AKAI LPD8- really nice, great beginner. great condition. ($25)
JVC HA-RX300 headphones- good bass, good condition. ($20)

thanks, for looking!

Will sell cheap!!