888 or MarkMont.

Well i’ll tell you what kind of yo-yo i’m looking for you you guys tell me the best one that is for me.

I like undersized yo-yo’s
I want to try hub.
I LOVE smoothness.
a normal weight mabye 65grams or 66 grams.
I like long spinning.

If you need any more infermatino just tell me.

Which one is for me :wink:


once again check samads thing but i think you have, but i’d stay with markmont… but if you NEED hubs… trade it…

But the MarkMont is getting boring for me. I;m trying to trade my MarkMont for a 888 but no one wants too. I asked one person i said i’ll trade my markMont plus 15 bucks and i’ll ship first and he still say no. Ugh… >:(


Who are you trying to trade it to?

Also, you are going about this trading thing COMPLETELY wrong. You dont ask people to trade with you. You let them make an offer. If you like the offer, take it.

I agree with samad… I made you an offer on a black 2009 yoyofactory 888… You still didn’t want it, thats your choice steven look for a better offer and post it when you find it… Because I want to see it.

Well right now i’m saying yes to your offer. But, i’m looking for more offeres so your on hold. Lol. But save it for me.

How does the mark mont play I’ve been debating whether or not to try to trade my orange 09 888 for one… ???

Steven I do have to apologize but I retract my offer… Once I tried the 2009 888 I fell in love with its size and overall performance… Keep trying and I’m sure you will find the aqua 888 trade offer your your looking for… Or the right amount of cash you require to purchase one yourself.

Just stay with markmont, if your not gonna find a great trade, then dont trade!! I’d be happy to have a markmont and a M1