7075 Throws + MINTY CLYW !!!

For sale as follows:

All throws boxed… no scuffs , scratches or impact damage of any kind on any of these as they are all pretty much new condition with extremely limited use. All smooth and free of any major vibe. Some ano flws as detailed below :  

All have boxes in excellent condition


GZR Cascade - two or three tiny dark pin dot ano flaws , otherwise immaculate
GZR Burnside - B Grade with small ano flaws under the rims, not especially noticeable
AL7 Nessie - few small micro pinprick ano flaws on the black half  difficult to make this finish on 7075 I guess )    



Chief - Space Blizzard - MINT
Avalanche - Dragon Bones - MINT
Puffin - Nightingale - MINT

Gnarwhal - Norhthern Lights - MINT - flowable sili just done ( as i dont like the reponse on Gnarhwal )
Bear Vs Man - Pink / Blue - no impact damage, but several streaky ano flaws around the rim which show as silver lines showing through the bue as alighter blue / silver colour. Looks like a scuff but it isnt as the surface is immaculate and it only affects blue not pink. Otherwise mint. Flowable sili just re-done



Not interested in trades. ( maybe for GENERAL YO ) PM with any serious offers . All will be considered.

YOYO’s ship from UK. I have feedback under same name on www.YOYOZ.co.uk



Cascade, BVM and Gnarwhal still available…

open to offers