7075 GZR CODE 2 FS, plus bonfire and others


From left to right, top to bottom. US shipping is $4 for first class, $8 for priority. International can be discussed.

Black split decision, offstring rims attached and custom experimental h shape rims, spin top tips, bearing and pads included! $70

Bonfire, one ding, what looks like an anno flaw (even though its a grade) and some scuffs. $60

GZR Code 2 very very near mint (Will come with black spikes and domes too) $100 (Shipping insurance included) GONE

Tako, $40

Blue mist Prestige, Near mint, smooth $50

Limited run lighter prestige, no damage that I could find, smooth. $50

Pre Pro raw Prestige, some damage $60

Hit me up, i’m willing to do deals for packages and possibly haggle!

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That prototype prestige makes 2 of the eight including mine :smiley:


Any trades?


I actually have another raw one just like yours as well as the one listed XD


I’m not interested in trades since I don’t really throw anymore :confused:

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So that’s 3/8?




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