General yo, Split D, OD topdeck, (Updated 10/8)


From top to bottom left to right. US shipping included, international can be discussed.

First picture
Bonfire, one ding, what looks like an anno flaw (even though its a grade) and some scuffs. $65
Tako, $45
Blue mist Prestige, Near mint, smooth $50!
Limited run lighter prestige, no damage that I could find, smooth. $55
Pre Pro raw Prestige, some damage $65

Second picture
Split, black with black off string rims, has some scuffs in the rims, it has a lil bit of vibe but it can be tuned to dead smooth by just messing with the rims, I can probably do it for whoever purchases. $80
OD Topdeck, Practically brand new, but ill say near mint to be safe because it has been played. I have the box too. $68 GONE
Ministar, I dont think it has any damage. $50? GONE

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Whats that yoyo on the top right?

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The list says it’s a Tako.

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