7 summits collection?


is anyone going for them all?
it would be like 1500 dollars but you can keep them and brag or sell all


DIdn’t there used to be a picture wiht all 7 colorways? I keep trying to find that but I cannot anymore, because I want to save up for the one color that I do want… Does anyone remember if there was a picture like this?


I don’t think so. I’ve only seen pictures as they’ve been released. Are all 7 already done?


No, only 3 of them have been done.


i might wait and get Mt everest


at least 1 person i know is doing this


but is the colorway worth an extra $$$30


They’re made out of 7075 aluminum, that is why they cost more, not the colorways.


I’m shooting to collect them all.

I created a special case/box that will accommodate all seven of them.


Wouldn’t expect anything less from you sir. Can’t wait to see your photos of the end result. ;D


Something is always worth as much as someone is willing to buy them.

Considering how fast the 7 summits sell out, definitely worth the price!


I wish we new a little more about the colors coming, as I can’t (or should I say shouldn’t) buy more than one of these.


lol exactly


I would but I’m not rich haha. I would have one for every day of the week tho :smiley: