6 Months


Not much in the way of tricks, but I’ve been want to post something as I’m coming up on 6 months. And I wanted to play with the SloPro app on the iPhone. It tries to emulate a high-speed camera. Doesn’t really do it, but it’s kinda cool anyway.

Thanks for watching!


I think the high-speed effect was pretty cool, but you might of overdone it. Also a bit of music wouldn’t have hurt.

I see you’re still rockin’ the Ni Code2 with the Red Hearts :wink:


Thanks man! Yeah, after posting it, and watching it a couple times on a larger screen, I did see some points where I could’ve let it speed up. But it was my first time really doing something with the app, so if I use it again, I’ll know better what to watch out for. As for music, again, I was doing it on my phone, and to save space, I don’t have a lot of music loaded up. On top of that, I’d be without my phone while the video rendered, which would’ve been at least an hour. ::slight_smile:


Nice Spirit bomb!