6 Fixed Axles - 3 No Jives, Missing Link, Cosmic Otter and Whiskey Barrel Oak Currier

6 more for sale. No Trades, feel free to make cash offers.

Prices are paypal’d and shipped. Will be heading to the post office on Friday. Let me know if you have any questions.

Red w/ black stripe No Jive - formerly owned by Nate Sutter, signs of dog walking. Needs to be shimmed, otherwise the gap is too small. It is shimmed and playing nice right now. - $25

Burgundy Mist Metallic No Jive - this is a SF era No Jive. I had some extra burgundy mist metallic lacquer after the last guitar I painted, got bored and painted this. The paint makes it slippy, so I have a turbo disc inside for friction, has a little vibe - $25

SF era Sunburst Mandala No Jive - formerly owned by Ed Haponik, killer No Jive, plays amazing. Has wear marks all around. Was in this condition when I got it from Ed. Crazy smooth, and again a great playing No Jive - $40

Square Wheels Missing Link - Super rare, unreleased fixed axle. Just resiliconed, super unique, plays like a bearing yoyo - $85

Hildy Brothers Whiskey Barrel Oak Currier - killer custom ordered Currier, made from the oak staves from an old whiskey barrel, near mint - $45

BC Cosmic Otter - One of Jason’s personal otter yoyos, has finish checking, and a few paint chips - $25


Bump, cash offers are welcomed. These are looking for a good home :slight_smile:

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