5Star and Original California and GM2 FOR SALE

I am getting rid of most of my collection because I really don’t play with them that much, seems I really only play my peak and my project two so I figure I don’t need the rest. These are cash only, make me an offer. I need to get rid of these ASAP!

Original 5star red/black -$110 OBO Sold
Original California, black with neon green hubstacks it appears that there are two pin pricks on the rims, not sure hwo they got there very hard to notice. - $90 OBO
YoYoFactory 888 yo-yo - 2009 Aqua Edition - $90 OBO Sold

Also listing a MIB Grind Machine 2, I will have pictures up tonight - $90 OBO

more detailed pictures coming tomorrow


I will give you ANYTHING for your Aqua 07 888! Please, I have been looking for 1 Everywhere!

The 888 is not an original aqua, its an 09 anniversary edition it was only available at one place that I know of, and limited run with the original 888 markings.

Oh, Ok.
Well, I am Still Interested in getting it.
What are you looking for?

What would you want for the California? I’m very intersted in it.


how much for the california yoyo plz?

gm2 for 888 great player, sand modded

would you do 60 for five star??

40 for California?

This last semester of school has been a bear…I finally have some time to try to sell these again, I need to get rid of these ASAP, prices are listed not firm, make me an offer cash only.

what do you want for the california yoyo just name any throw u want

hey this is zwoods1998 im wanting to buy ur grind mation 2 so email me or contact me at 18709492270 thanks zwoods1998