5A YoYoFactory Mystery Box - 12/3/20 @8PM ET

More details tomorrow! For now we leave you with this picture. :fire:


when you say 5a do you mean that the yoyos in the box were all used in playing 5a

bc i have some yoyo that are yyf that were used in 5a

so i wouldnt want to get the same one

when are you telling us what is in the the box possible

@yoyoerclutch you can edit a post by clicking on the three dots then the pencil rather than making several consecutive posts. :slight_smile:


oh ok thank you :blush: :blush: :blush:

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It means the yoyo/yoyos/whatever may be in the box meets @unklesteve’s frown of approval.


Nice count me in. Hope I can snack one with my time offset :alarm_clock:

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Additional release details!

This is a 5A branded Mystery Box. Guaranteed TWO YoYos. One aluminum yoyo and one plastic yoyo plus some basic counterweights. The aluminum yoyo is not identical to a yoyo you already have in your collection yet! If you are just thinking about getting into 5A or want something fun and new to throw around to celebrate counterweight play this is a fun set for you!

Box goes for $39.99. Total retail value of box is $70! While supplies last! :sunglasses: