---5A Headcam---


First video with a headcam setup, figured that I might as well do some 5A, enjoy and subscribe if you want to see more.


i wish i was as stupidly good at 5A as you. top notch stuff bro. top notch.

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Where did you get the head cam?


@JohnnyJ—Thanks, I have only been doing 5A for about a month and a half now but I am working very hard at it, thanks again for the complement.

@astral—Yeah, the pro is one of the few yoyos that I can do the finger spin with and it is wonderfull for 5A. My second favorite SPYY next to the Speed Freak.

@yoyomaster66–The camera is a Go Pro HD Hero and the headcam setup is just an accessory that you can buy for it.


I love the cat stepping into the shot with complete nonchalance. Obviously he totally trusts you to not hit him with an errant throw. My little buddy runs for cover into the next room or on top of the kitchen cupboards whenever I pull out my yoyo case.

Thanks for sharing. Your videos are always enlightening.


@BanjoSpins–Thanks, enlightening is a great complement, glad that you like them that much.

Well she will sit between my feet when I throw outside and that is where she was while I was shooting the video until she decided to move.


"All slade does is win win win no matter what what winning on his ming he can never get enough


Nice! Could i get it at walmart?


yeah, that is where I got my go pro at. I got the headcam set at a best buy though so it just depends on your wallmart.

@pudge34–I hope I can use that winning at TN states this weekend. Thanks as well, made me laugh pretty good too.


That whole time I was hoping your cat would jump up and steal your die!

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what duh