1A Head Cam


Inspired by Gentry Stein, I decided to put a Camera on my Hat, and video tape some of my tricks. Enjoy! :smiley:
4A, and 5A Head Cam coming soon.
YoYo: YYF SuperStar



I actually really liked the music. The entire idea of head cams is epic in itself, so great video and tricks on your part. :slight_smile:


Thanks Man! The Audio is now switched, and I think it already was switched a little before you watched it the first time. :wink:

(Khent G) #4

Really good! Tip: Sometimes you go too fast and really doesnโ€™t look like you have full control. You have like 40-50% IMO. Just a tip! I have always liked your tricks and sometimes speed creates a style! :wink:


THATS AWSOME!!! Did u just tape it?!?!?!!?!?!


LOL Thanks, and yeah I just taped it to my Hat. :smiley: