5A - E fan, String tension issues

Hi, well I’m slowly getting E fan, but now it seems I have tension issues

no matter the direction I get the CW to rotate, it untwists the string, clockwise or counter clockwise, I tested both from a neutral string, and both untwist the string. Isn’t there one direction that twists and the other that untwists ?

Hmmm, what are using as a counterweight?

rubber ball usually

I’m not sure then…I don’t usually have that problem. Maybe try practicing it more.


thats just the way it goes buddy…
Thats why Tyler Severance does a sidewinder in most of his 5a FSes

hmm, that’s odd, because on the tutorial i used for E fans, the guy says that one side twists the string and the other side untwists it, which actually makes sense.

I’ll keep practicing, see what happens