5a: A short 5a vid lol



(Jei Cheetah) #2

Hey man pretty nice 5A!

One thing though, its usually not a good idea to yoyo in front of a window or glass door.
This makes your string and tricks look quite dark and at times, hard to see.
If you stand in front of a window like that, make sure you have the camera set up in a way that the background light is well covered.
This will take care of the darkness problem but still keep the area well lit with natural light.

But still! A nice vid! You got some nice 5A stuff there!

I notice that about 5 of the recent yoyo videos on youtube I have seen have used that same song from evanescence.

Awesome video man.



Yeah that is really nice 5a! You’re really good!

Yeah, thats because that song rocks.