5 yoyos for 38 bucks shipped (Aquarius, PGM, Sunset, Flying panda, Xeodus)

45 38 bucks takes the whole lot, I need cash quick via paypal. The offstring throws (Aquarius, Panda, Xeodus) have minor offstring wear and play smooth. Stackless PGM has factory mold marks, and Sunset has been siliconed, plays great. Shipping is via Priority mail within the US. I would also trade the whole set for an m1. I can ship tommorow since I’m going to the post office anyway.


sell Aqua seperate?

yeah, I’ll sell seperate, shoot me a pm, I have feedback on another forum if needed. the aquarius used to belong to jayyo, he’d probably vouch if you asked him.

ill buy aquarius send me a pm

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Recommend you send him a pm.