FS/FT Dv888, Aquarius, Sunset NXG, TrainWreck V1


I’ve got some stuff for sale or trade. Shipping is worked into the pricing. Shipping to the US only and PayPal preferred.

Dv888 - $45 - blue, has a few dings, nothing major, plays great. It just doesn’t get the play time it deserves.Pending for Cream

Aquarius - $23 - red, usual offstring marks, holds up nicely though. Want to trade for a Fiesta.

TrainWreck V1 - $50 - Blue, a little scuffed up, just too big for my puny hands. DEAD silent.

Sunset Trajectory NXG - $11 - blue, your average SST

ProtoStar - $30 - red, pretty much mint, great throw, just not my thing. Plays dead smooth if you screw it in just right

LF - P2, Remnat, MarkMont, Fiesta, 3Yo3, Warning Line, Just offer really


i want ur c13 i will pay 45


i want your c13 i will pay 50 bucks


ill do the aquarius for 20?

(yoyo jake) #9

dude stop bring up old threads

(Edmeister) #11

Still got that Dv888?
Will pay 40 Bucks cash :slight_smile:

(Justin the JeeJaw) #12

Why don’t you read next time? :wink:

(Edmeister) #13

It was Pending so Its still available and I wanted to offer.


Willing to trade loop720s for your sunsets?
Just put in a new response for one of them. I can do the other too if you would like.
I just want to try more 2A yoyos…loops just aren’t my thing

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