FT Dv888, C13, 5A Star FHZ

I’ve got a few things for sale and trade.  PayPal preferred and keep in mind I’m in the US so shipping will be more if your overseas.  I’d prefer to trade for decent conditions throws.  Alright lets get started.

Dv888 - near mint, has a few dings, plays amazing.  Really only looking for trades on this.  Comes with 3 pairs of weight rings and a SPEC bearing.


C13 - Quite a few dings, but you can’t see them because of the clear ano.  Slight vibe, but nothing too bad.  Amazing looking. Pending for beat Project 2


WANTS - I can add a little money
Project 2
Just offer

Thanks for Looking, Contagon

i have a black knight and a mini motrix i could trade. i also have a k-padded speed dial and hitman i could swap out for one of the ones i said before.

Thanks, but no thanks.

how much for the C13?

Whatever you do dont trade that FHZ 5 stars, I have 1 of them I’m 95% sure they only made 100 of that type

Sorry to be a nudge, But where did you get those wight rings?

How much is the c13?