Looking for Aquarii! (Aquarius's. haha.)

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Hey guys, I am looking to buy aquas. a LOT of aquas.
If you got any you want to sell, pm me, I got paypal.
I don’t mind scuffs but if it has cracks, not interested.

Thanks for looking.



i have a green one i want to get rid of.
multiple scuffs but no cracks
But i’d rather trade than sell.
So if you have anything to trade let me know :wink:


i have a blue one, good condition, i would prefer a trade though, any offers?

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Yeah I have been getting a bunch of offers for trades.
I totally got nothing though.
Only buying right now.



Are you going to PNWR?

If you are, i would be happy to sell it to you there


I’m pretty sure he is. He was talking to grant at redondo and he said he’d be there.


What’s this Aquarius that you speak of…?



(Infinite Chaos) #10

Ditto that! DUDE! That’s nuts! you bought all of those aquas?!?!


I’ve bought quite a few of them, have traded for a few of them, and have received a lot as gifts. Keep in mind though that I’ve been buying/collecting them since they came out when Hironori Mii/YYJ released them in 02. There might also be some Free Agent’s mixed in there too; it’s hard to differentiate between the Aqua/FA (except the density of the rubber).

I’m not sure if you’ve seen some of my freestyles, but I need all of them too - lol


(system) #12