4a Tutorials, POST'EM!

So I have noticed there are not many YYE 4A tutorials at all . So this is a place where you can post your favorite 4a tutorial on youtube or post your own tutorial or you favorite tricks. Post away!

The great thing about 4a (for me, at least) is it’s pretty easy to follow most of the time. A lot of stuff don’t really require a lot of explanation. It’s more of a trial and error kind of thing until you finally get it. Take a vid, slow it down then try it yourself.

However, I do like tutorials as well. I’ll try whatever is posted. =D

yea 4a is pretty easy to follow. When you watch a 4a video you can see what they do and its not that hard to figure out. Also try to make your own tricks that what i do.


i might

cool website