4A stuff

Heres a new vid:

If anyone needs help with beginner 4A stuff just let me know, I would be happy to help!


Great ;D

Good easy tutorial of a good trick. 8)

keep it up :wink:

What yo? ???

czyoyo :wink:

its a yoyojam fiesta, thanks for the comment. heres another vid:

how would I go about throwing it in a catchable manner? it tends to go flying into my wall nomatter where I put my offhand finger.

when your finger hits the string, make sure you push down aswell but you dont want push down alot, because pushing down on the string will make the yoyo kick back a little and also give it more spin time, so it makes the yoyo easier to catch. i’ll make a video on tips for 4A throwing (if the weathers good enough).