4a help

hey guys, im having trouble with 4a.

the issue: i am winding up my hayabusa correctly and everything (the string isnt looped around the yoyo, and does not have a knot), i have the largest gap size possible, but whenever i throw it, it always comes around my finger and lands in a dead front mount like it has a knot, instead of flying in the air and letting me catch it.

Its your throw, I had the same problem,
just keep praticeing.

You need to throw harder to get it to come off. I have been experiencing the same kind of thing. Just go outside in a big area and chuck it out there. Make sure it hits your finger, or it will go flying. It should come off the string if you do that.

First, after winding it up just hold your throw-hand over your head and release the yo-yo. Don’t throw it down, just let it drop. If it comes off the string that means you’re winding it correctly and it’s all in your throw. If not you might be winding it with too much slack or just too loose in general.

Make sure the throw is strong but you don’t need to overdo it. Just as you release the yo-yo, bring your non-throw hand into the string and slowly “push down” to make the yo-yo go up. If you push away from your body the yo-yo will try to mount in a trapeze-ish thing.

Mostly, it’s all about the practice. Don’t get discouraged – 4A is super fun! Throwing the yo-yo is half the battle and you’ll have your first tricks down in no time!

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Did I just see JM post?

At the OP, listen to Jm. (had to put this in here to make it relavant to the thread. lol)