45 Degree Angle Stuff.

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Alrighty. So ive got the basic throw and bind down pat for 45 degree angle tricks. Now I wanna start learning some stuff. Anyone have any tutorials or tips for starting 45 Degree Angle stuff?



I suggest building your skills with Skin The Gerbil. Also, try some rolling red triangles.


skin the gerbil trapeze double or nothing martix eli hops

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What are those? :-[ ??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do eli hops, but roll (matrix) it before each hop. Then do it at a slight angle. Then do it at 90 degrees and lie down. Make sure you really pull the yoyo down, don’t just hope it will fall back onto the string. That is why you get bruises. Thats also what Mickey’s trick is.

Braintwister combos are also good for sideways.

Get into a red triangle, do braintwisters, to the side, to the other side, cross your arms, etc. Try learning the Letter A as well.

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Wish i could give you two “thank yous” haha