44RPM Rhythm, Original AntiYo YWET - For Sale


Mainly looking to downsize. No Trades. Prices include shipping and insurance.

44RPM Rhythm - mint with wood weight rings and box - $35

OG AntiYo YWET - modified to have a 3.8ish mm gap, no shims needed, mod was done then it was ano’d by gruntbull - $100

CLYW Manatee - None More Black, mint with box and gold kitty string in the box still - SOLD
CLYW Peak 2 - Deep Blue, mint with box and original golden rod string in the pack - SOLD
CLYW Gorge - on hold
Tmbr laminate Fremont - one side has the axle cap missing, some fading of the colors in one spot not a big issue, great fixed axle - SOLD
Tmbr Oak Sullivan - mint, SOLD


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Man… that sullivan is calling to me, but I’m over budget for the month already. Maybe if some of my stuff sells, I’ll get back to you haha.


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