44re and plastic 000

Moving some more older throws out of my drawer. I think I have a feedback thread here.

I accept PayPal. If you don’t send as F/F, I will help calculate how to cover the fee.

Shipping is covered for CONUS. Will ship international if you cover shipping.

All prices are OBO

More pics on request. Discount on multiples.

Would trade both for Starship and would also blow you a kiss.

44re:creation Stardust $250 OBO
This is the first throw released by 44re:creation, later to be named YoYoRecreation. This is not the same yo-yo as the YYR Stardust. This is the original! Several scratches as shown in the pictures.

Plastic 000 $25 or $10 with stardust
Mint. Thrown like once. It’s great I just have too many yo-yos.

OG FH1 $80 sold
Single side pad recessed. Caps have seen better days and there are some scuffs in the plastic but you’d be worn down too if you were a 20+ year old yo-yo. Great throw.

YYJ Black knight. $25 or $10 with 44re or fh1 sold
No caps. Scuffed. It’s old and it’s put in lots of play time but it’s still a champ.


How much is Black knight? Can you take some pictures for me?

It’s sold tho.

Use promo code ThumbsUp to receive a digital image of me giving thumbs up with the purchase of any yo-yo.

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A bumperoo from me to you





Get both yo-yos for 2.5% off if you can correctly guess my current high score on Donkey Kong Jr for the NES limit one guess per individual

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