4-8 Arthur Powdercoats- debut Superstar

Hello everyone, All of my powdercoating jobs will be posted in this thread, in the same fashion as Jasonwongzero and Brett.

Feed back and comments are much appreciated!

I am not taking custom work yet- I still need to get the technique down.

So, this is the first yoyo that I powder coated. It was a pretty banged up superstar, and the powder makes the yoyo look new. Im pretty happy with the result, but there was one little spot in the gap that was not fully covered.
Sorry about the bad pictures, I do not have access to my normal camera right now


Nice. :slight_smile: Does it vibe at all?

It still has the vibe it had before I powdercoated it, but on a mint yoyo it would still be dead smooth.

Ah, ok. Great Job! :slight_smile:

ok thats… amazing!!