3yo3's and OD Yelets for sale/trade: Also looking for a few throws: Esp. IronyJP

Selling these for a friend who wants me to sell them for him since he doesn’t visit the forums much. These are all mint and are barely used. Paypal is very much preferred. Please add $5 for shipping

3yo3 Accent: purple/orange dyed acrylic. Plays very smooth for an acrylic. $45

3yo3 Grind King: Has the tin and is smooth! amazing grinder and a pretty good little beast. Pretty rare too $60 shipped

All both as a package deal $85 shipped

I got this black OD Yelets: Its not mint but only had a few small marks of which the worst and pictured and its miniscule. Its absolutely dead smooth and will come with either red Code1’s or silver Ultralights. Its a great throw but I prefer to try something else. Plus I don’t like black yoyos.


[b]I’m also looking for a few yoyos. I have other things for trade for these throws. I prefer them to have some damage and to be smooth or close to smooth. If you value it for more then its worth then don’t bother offering. I’m looking for a fair deal and not desperate for these throws!

Wants: In order
Pure (large bearing would be dope but there are only 2 haha)
Tre (purple colorways preferred)
YYO Brave
Cliff (for a good deal)
Sasquatch (Purple with pink speckle only)