3yo3 cosmo

hey guys there is a somewhat new brand called 3yo3. i was wondering if their cosmo yoyo is good for fast play? and that too with the yyf frantic

The YoYoFactory Frantic is worth the money every bit.

It has a cool looking unique wing shape, long spin times, the string never touches the sides, a different feel, and amazing grinds.

It is part of YoYoFactory’s new fundaMETAL line of Yo-Yos, and is $64.99 sold here.


It has very eye-appealing colors, such as orange, aqua, dark blue, and a yellow-green.

I personally like the orange.

It has the famous K-Pad response, so if you’d buy it, buy some K-Pads with it too, as they can wear out.

The Cosmo by 3yo3 is very durable, and is made of a very hard plastic, as less likely to break. It is a perfect Yo-Yo to paint, if you’re a modder. It uses a Chrome-Steel size C ball bearing and recessed silicone response system.

It is a string trick Yo-Yo, so it must be good. It is also take-apart, so if you get a know, it’ll be easy.

I don’t know much about the Cosmo, but I provided all the information I could. :wink:

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Why don’t you just you just ask the leader of 3YO!3 yourself?

Here is his profile: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=807


False. The string will touch the sides, but it will only be touching the response system itself.

Okay, I guess. It never touches the sides for me.

That doesn’t mean it can’t touch the sides.

Bad throw = side touching?


Or to make it easier: Put a KonKave in there. :wink:

Waste of money when all you have to do is fix your throw.

Konkaves only center the string. >_<



My throw is straight.

Mattsk8nike, IDK, I already said that.

Said what?

KonKaves only center the string, when I already said that. :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t say that in this thread.

Just saying “KonKave” won’t actually explain that it centers the string. You have to actually say that it centers the string.

Addment: KonKaves won’t necessarily keep the string from the sides either.

He knew what I mean. Then Mattsk8nike said it.

You never said that in this post.