3Yo3 Cosmo: A High Speed YoYo Review

I have to say the anticipation of receiving the Cosmo was a wonderful experience yet torture at the same time. With its clear acrylic body, thoughts of all the cool high-speed footage I wanted to shoot were the only things that held me at bay while I sat at the window waiting to pounce the mailbox. The Cosmo is a yoyo made by Landon Balk and the first in his line. It uses a clear acrylic body allowing total transparency and it’s simply drop dead gorgeous. Was this yoyo just a pretty face or was it going to be a true player. This is the thought that kept rolling thru my mind. I was a little on the skeptical side and Landon reaffirmed me I was going to love it. Did I?

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Wow, great review!

Happy Throwing! =]

Woah! Very impressive review, professional looking! Can’t wait to see more!

Man, I have been wanting this yo-yo for a while…

Great review dude! :smiley: