3YO3 Aluminum Kendama


We’ve been selling the raw aluminum kendamas for almost a year now, but we’ve decided to step up our game and get an anodized version as well! What do you all think? ;D




What’s the weight on that?


It’s heavy!!!

The whole assembly is 564 grams of pure awesomeness haha :smiley:


Dang! Heavy but looks sweet


Thanks! We’re really excited with how it turned out! We’ll be testing this one extensively to see how the anodizing holds up and then we’ll be getting more done and they’ll be up for sale ;D


They look awesome!

Just curious,
What is the size compared to a normal Kendama?


They are the same size as the standard kendamas


Have you considered doing any in type 3 ano? Would be interested to see if beadblasting would help it feel like a tacky finish to.


I’d be happy to test one out for ya. :wink:

But a few things, I’d work on redoing the shape of the slip grip (bottom rings) and add a string hole in the sarado.

I could see this being quite successful as a trophy kendama.