3D Printing Kendama

Would it be a viable option to 3d print kendamas, or are 3d printers not precise enough for it?
If it is, should I use PLA or ABS, and is there a good CAD file for it that I can use?



It could be done, but:

  • The print would take a long time

  • It’d most likely be pretty light compared to a wooden one, even with 100% infill.

There are files around on like Thingiverse and such. Have you looked around?


I don’t think the cups would lock the tama very well, unless they were machined after. Even still, I feel like it would play really icy. But that’s just a guess based on the types of materials I’ve handled that have been 3D printed. Maybe there’s something out there that would work, something like a printed version of a Rez ken.

Maybe if I dip the Tama in rubberized paint before using it, it would help?

Probably, but you’ll still want to make sure your cups have sharp and smooth rims/edges. That’ll be the challenge