365 (My One Year Video)

Thank you!

I was the same way - I got Ninja Vanish way before Brent Stole, LOL.

Thanks a lot!

Same here. I think it’s normal too.

EDIT: Except, the thing is, once you get Brent Stole down, it’s easier than Ninja Vanish.

Do I smell… sniff a sponsorship in the future? sniff sniff

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I definitely do… and it’s right around the corner.

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I’m this same way too, haha. And I would agree - most probably get NV first.

LOL, thanks a bunch guys. Big emphasis on “in the future” though…I’m certainly not quite there yet, haha.



Am I the only one that thinks that he could be sponsored really soon? But, seriously, I’m not just trying to be nice here, you could honestly be sponsored in the very near future.

The question? Who do you want to get sponsored by?

As impressive as this is for only a year, he’s not quite there yet. He admitted it himself. That being said, he definitely has the potential for it :slight_smile:

Great work bro. Keep it up.

Kennan said it for me. As much as I would appreciate a sponsorship as soon as Zorro is talking, I honestly don’t deserve it yet. But I’m flattered that you think I’m good enough, Zorro. As for your question - I’ll let that go unanswered for now, LOL.

BTW, thanks a ton, Kennan! It honestly means a lot coming from somebody like you.

Final bump.

hey great job and I love the song choice. :slight_smile: